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We Love Installing Metal Roofing all over Palm Beach County!

And You'll Love Having a Metal Roof!

Metal Roof

This beautiful Metal Roof Installation we completed in Royal Palm Beach, FL is helping to keep the energy bill down by reflecting the sun's heat and also making this coastal home much more Hurricane resistant!

(qualifying it for Windstorm Premium discounts!).


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Why Metal Roofing?


You're probably reading this page because you live in Palm Beach County, you've already heard that Metal Roofs are great and are looking for some more information.

So here are some facts that should make you want to call us to install a Metal Roof on your house today!

A Metal Roof Saves You Money!


A Metal Roof saves you money in four important ways:

1) by qualifying you for rebates and tax credits!

2) by reducing your energy bill!

3) by reducing the Windstorm Premium on your Homeowner's Insurance!

4) by increasing your home's resale value!


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Bill Explains an Energy Star Standing Seam Metal Roof which qualifies for a $1500 tax credit! ->     



Metal Roof

Many of the Custom Home Builders we work with have started speccing a Metal Roof on all of their projects.

Metal Roof

The owners of this beautiful home in Palm Beach Shores, FL 33404 undertook major renovations including roof replacement. After thorough research they decided they wanted a Standing Seam Metal Roof to protect them from the damaging wind and rain storms that can roll in off the ocean. Now they just needed a Roofer. Luckily one of their co-workers had hired Legacy Contracting as their Roofing Contractor for their home in Jupiter, FL 33458 and based on the great experience was happy to recommend us as the Roofer!

Standing Seam Metal Roof

This homeowner in Lake Worth, FL was suprised by all the different color options available.

The 'Copper Metallic' Standing Seam Metal Roof they selected really turned out beautifully and they are just delighted!


Metal Roofs Can Qualify You For Tax Credits and Rebates!

In today's world there is a great focus on Energy Efficiency (as there should be!), so there are programs available to help Homeowners take certain steps to reduce their usage.

A Metal Roof is so Energy Efficient that it could qualifiy for a Federal Tax Credit as well as your local utility's rebate program! (We are an FPL Participating Independent Contractor and can help you with the process)

That is free money towards your roofing project just for doing the right thing!

In order to qualify the Metal Roof must meet the Energy Star guidelines, but the good news is the majority of panels we install do!

And the even better news is that these days there are plenty of beautiful colors available that meet the requirements, so you've got plenty of options other than just "mill finish" (which is the unpainted metal)!



A Metal Roof Can Reduce Your Energy Bill!

A study by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that installing reflective metal roofing can save homeowners up to 40% in summer cooling costs!

This is important everywhere of course, but really makes a significant difference here in Palm Beach County where scorching summers mean soaring utility bills, with the biggest component of the bill being Air Conditioning.


A New Roof Can Reduce Your Windstorm Premium!

Because Metal Roofs are recognized to be extremely Hurricane Resistant a new Metal Roof (built to the latest and most stringent South Florida Building Code) will almost definitely qualify you for a Windstorm Premium discount on your homeowner's insurance! (We obviously do NOT guarantee this and are not Insurance Underwriters but all of our customers have reported that it provides a significant discount, so check with your Agent before making a decision.)



Metal Roofs Increase Your Home's Resale Value!

The 2005 "Residential Cost Handbook" reports that the appraised value of a home increases by $1.35 per square foot when a Metal Roof is installed! (source: Metal Construction News)


We could go on and on about how great Metal Roofs are (they also have high recycled content!), but I'm sure by now you're convinced so:


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Make Your Home Stronger and Greener by Installing a Metal Roof!

Metal Roof

Even with all the color options available, many people still like the look of a "Mill Finish" Metal Roof!

Metal Roof

Many commercial property owners are realizing what a great option a Metal Roof is.

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We Will Make Your Home Stronger and Greener With a Metal Roof!