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Concrete Tile Roof Repair, PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Concrete Tile roof repair completed in PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Preparing to replace tiles.

The first step in a successful roof repair is a detailed inspection to get an accurate scope of work to be done.

Our highly trained technician will:

  • Visually inspect and photodocument the interior water damage from inside the house. This will tell him which area of the attic must be surveyed.

  • Visually inspect and photodocument the underside of the roof from the attic. The plywood "decking" (or "sheathing") will usually be discolored at the point where the water is getting in. The technician will then take measurements of the problem area and inspect the wood to determine whether it has become rotten and is in need of replacement during the repair.

  • Visually inspect and photodocument the roof from the roof. Based on the location of the water mark he noted in the attic, he will inspect the tile roof looking for the point of intrusion so he may determine an accurate scope of repair. He will focus on penetrations such as:
    • Vents
    • Plumbing Stacks
    • Skylights

  • These are areas more prone to roof leak than an uninterrupted slope of "field tile." He will also pay special attention to:
    • Valleys
    • Pitch changes (between main roof and patio flat roof, etc.)
    • Wall flashings
    These are all critical vulnerable areas that are much more likely to fail because of the way water hits them during storm events.

  • Return to the office with all photos, measurements, diagrams, and notes to consult with the Director of Operations on the most appropriate scope, the availability of matching tile, and the labor required to complete the roof repair.

  • Prepare a detailed estimate and proactively examine our schedule to return an accurate proposal of cost and estimated roof repair completion date for your review.

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