Impact Windows and Doors

Designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Over the years the number one thing we've heard from roofing customers is "With how hard it is to find quality contractors, we wish there was more you could do for us!" Well you asked and we answered: Legacy now installs Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors! Really the story is that we now install hurricane impact windows and doors for the general public. The truth is we've been doing these projects for years on a very selective basis for certain existing customers with an eye towards opening a full-fledged division in the future. Then came October 2016 and Hurricane Matthew.

It was chaos that week, preparing for "the big one": a CAT-4 Hurricane aimed right at West Palm Beach! We were flying around like crazy trying to secure active job sites, while worrying about our own homes, and fielding calls from customers begging could we please spare somebody to help put up shutters. Luckily the wind shifted slightly and the storm passed just offshore but we decided that day: never again! So in traditional Legacy fashion we've ramped up with the best personnel in the industry to deliver this service to the high standards our customers have come to expect.

Window production times are returning to normal and with exciting rebates and tax savings, NOW is the time to book your replacement!


Why Impact Windows and Doors?

  1. No Shutters!! This may seem like mainly a convenience issue (which it is), but also a realistic concern for the protection of your home. Are you home all summer (height of storm season)? If not is there someone who has already agreed to be available to put your shutters up? (Hint: calling around after a Warning Cone has been announced will probably not work.) When was the last time you operated your shutters? Do you know where all the pieces are and how they fit? You get the idea.
  2. Hurricane Protection. This one's pretty obvious but just a reminder that the Miami Dade impact test is absolutely brutal: they launch a nine pound 2"x4" out of a cannon!
  3. Safety. Not just hurricane safety but everyday security of your home. Nothing's getting in these windows. Nothing.
  4. Noise Reduction. There will be a noticeable decrease in outside noise. On a practical day-to-day basis this may actually be the #1 benefit.
  5. UV Protection. These windows utilize the latest in UV filtering to help make sure your carpet, furniture, drapes, etc. resist the fading power of the sun.
  6. Energy Efficiency. These windows were designed with safety and comfort in mind, utilizing all the latest energy efficient technologies to keep you cool and safe.

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