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Tile Roof Replacement Legacy Contracting Palm Beach GardensThis tile Roof Installation in PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, 33418 shows why our Roofers were awarded “Best Distribution of a Blend” by manufacturer Eagle Roof Tile.

Tile Roofing dates as far back as ancient Rome, and is still in wide use today because of it’s beauty, durability, and longevity. Here in Palm Beach County we are surrounded by entire communities built with tile roofs. Many of these homes are getting to the age where the roof needs to be replaced.

Among these neighborhoods is PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, where many of these pictures come from. We’re thankful to have been hired by over 176 homeowners in these neighborhoods as their Roofing Contractor of choice. We take this honor very seriously and know that our reputation is on the line with each roof we replace, day in and day out.

Even before the days of the Internet, word of mouth was always the most powerful way to make (or break!) a company’s reputation, but especially these days even one single dissatisfied person can have a devastating effect. So our philosophy has always been to go so far above and beyond, to be so incredibly good, and to provide such an amazing experience that our customers can’t help but tell their friends, neighbors, and coworkers about us.

It’s great for business as most of our new roofing projects come from referrals, but we also get some of the nicest letters from our customers. They are so relieved to have worked with us after all the anxiety they felt about this major construction project on their house and horror stories we’ve all heard about other companies. You can read (and watch) their stories on our Roof Replacement Customer Testimonials page.

Then you can read a little more about our process below. After you’ve read about what makes us different you can request a FREE Roofing Estimate and we will personally discuss your roofing project with you and answer any questions you may have.

Tile Roof Replacement Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Tile Roof Repair Legacy Contracting

We are accustomed to working on fine estate homes where every detail matters. Your fine home demands a Roofer who will work hard to make sure that your roof replacement has minimal impact on your lifestyle and the estate you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail and “make it perfect” execution we’ve proud to have earned our spot as the Roofing Contractor of choice in some of the finest neighborhoods in Palm Beach County!

Our Total Quality Assurance plan includes all the following steps, which have earned us the highest Customer Satisfaction ratings in the industry!

  • We handle the entire POA/ARB approval process including application, deposit, review, and inspection.
  • We will secure the necessary building permit and manage the City building inspections. This relieves you of the hassle and also assures you that we are licensed and fully insured! (the Building Department will not issue a permit or perform inspections for a Contractor who is not properly licensed and insured so it should be a HUGE warning sign if a “contractor” asks you to pull your own permit as Owner!)
  • We will make every effort to protect the entire property (driveway, landscaping, screen enclosure) during the roof replacement process.
  • We will use dump trucks and trailers to haul roofing debris away each day, rather than leaving an ugly roll-off dumpster which blocks your driveway for the duration of the project.
  • We will have a full-time OSHA Trained English-speaking supervisor present to keep things safe on the roof and ensure all details are handled correctly and in accordance with our high standards. We will install a complete roofing system in compliance with the latest High Velocity Hurricane Zone codes (including the optional use of PolyFoam tile adhesive), providing the highest level of storm protection and qualifying you for insurance premium discounts!
  • We will inspect all flashing (areas where pitch changes like where roof meets wall or roof meets flat patio roof) and restore as necessary to ensure a completely sealed building envelope!
  • Our expert carpenters will change any necessary wood (decking, fascia, sometimes portions of trusses) to leave your roof literally “as good as new”!
  • We will take extra care to leave you property in the beautiful condition we found it.
    • As mentioned above, we will take great care to protect the property with plywood, tarps, and other appropriate means. We know landscaping is expensive!
    • We will use a magnetic roller to sweep the driveway, yard, plant beds, etc. for roofing nails.